June 13, 2010

South Meets South

The signs are at right angles, as are the streets. One sign says S Carrollton Av, and the other says S Claiborne.

Normally, you would expect streets that are both labeled "South" to run parallel to each other rather than at right angles. But this is New Orleans—a city nestled in the bends of the Mississippi River.

Imposing a traditional rectilinear grid on this geography doesn't work very well. Within a bend, streets would more logically follow a wheel-and-spoke pattern.

A wheel-and-spoke pattern surrounds a sidewalk tree in New Orleans.

A curious hybrid leads to streets that start out parallel but end up crossing.

Photos by I. Peterson

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Gerry said...

West 4th Street in Manhattan intersects West 10th, West 11th, West 12th, and West 13th Streets. See, e.g., http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:West_12th_and_West_4th_Intersection_Sign.JPG