June 23, 2013

Roots of a Base Tiling

Like a strangely ordered root system, a fragment of an Archimedean tiling serves as the supporting structure for a metal pillar in an odd artwork in downtown Toronto. The sculpture, which consists of a pair of quirkily incomplete pedestrian bridges, stretches across paving bricks amid the restored, industrial-style buildings of the city's Distillery Historic District.
Titled Passerelle et Portance, the sculpture was created by Claude Millette and installed in 2006.

The tiling that forms the base consists of regular hexagons framed by squares and equilateral triangles. This example of a semiregular tiling is sometimes described as a rhombitrihexagonal tiling.

Rhombitrihexagonal Archimedean tiling. R.A. Nonenmacher, Wikipedia.

Photos by I. Peterson

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