July 28, 2011

Geometrekking in Lexington

MAA MathFest will be held Aug. 4-6 in Lexington, Kentucky, bringing more than 1,400 mathematicians and students to the city. This will be my first visit to Lexington since the early 1980s, and I am looking forward to exploring and photographing its mathematical and architectural sights. My main memory of my previous visit is of an excursion to the Kentucky Horse Park (I still have the souvenir mug).

I have noticed that Lexington has a lively public art scene, some of it well documented on the web.

One especially intriguing artwork is "Surface Reflections" by Bill Fontana, which combines a sound sculpture with a video installation. It's located in the landscaped passageway between the Lexington Financial Center and its adjacent parking garage.

Another noteworthy sculpture is "Exponential Symmetry" by Michael Martinez. It stands in front of the College of Education at the University of Kentucky (Dickey Hall at 251 Scott Street).

Museum Without Walls of Central Kentucky offers a handy Android and iPhone application as a guide to Lexington's public art. The "TakeItArtside!" app includes maps, tours, games, lesson plans, and lots of images. The app’s Facebook page has additional information and updates.

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