June 28, 2011

Almost a Klein Bottle

The Vessel, by Ilan Sandler, stands near the corner of a small park in Toronto. From some angles, with its hollow handle, the sculpture looks like a wire-frame model of the standard representation of a Klein bottle. You can almost imagine the inside connecting with the outside as the handle curves into the body of the giant pitcher.

The sculpture, which was officially unveiled earlier this month as the centerpiece of a fountain, was constructed from 4 kilometers of stainless steel rod. This length roughly matches the distance that the now-buried Taddle Creek once ran from Taddle Creek Park through downtown Toronto to Lake Ontario.

"The sculpture's surface is porous, allowing one to see light slicing through the stainless steel rods which create its volume," Sandler notes. "Water flows from the top of the rim of the vessel over its surface and then cascades onto the ground plane, creating sound that drowns out the noise of traffic."

Photos by I. Peterson

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